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How to get to us!

We’re located right on the beach in the heart of El Paredón. You can get to us by:

Public shuttle (direct):

  • From Antigua: The shuttle normally leave at 9:30 am  every day and they take about 2.5 hours to get to us. (To Antigua, the time is 3pm )
  • From Lake Atitlan: privates only
  • From Guatemala City: Shuttles depart every day except Tuesday from the following places, you can check them out on your maps app:

– 5:30 AM – Gasolinera Puma, Proceres zona 10

– 6:00 AM – Miraflores Mall

– 6:30 AM – Sankris Mall

Q90 one way and Q150 two ways. (To Guatemala City, the time is 5:00 PM). Contact Mochibusito GT here to book

If you’re coming from the airport or Antigua and want a private direct shuttle – just send us a message and we can organize that for you!

Already messaged us about private airport shuttles? Click here to pay!


If you want to road trip to the coast, it’s about a 2-3 hour drive from Antigua. Just put our name into Google Maps or Waze and it’ll take you straight to us!