Staff at Driftwood


The Driftwood Surfer is located in the beautiful town of El Paredón and boasts some of the best surf in Guatemala. The waves are usually best at sunrise, so many people try and get a good nights sleep to be ready to surf bright and early. While others over indulge in a big night upstairs. El Paredón is hot all year round but you can cool yourself off in the ocean or relax in our beautiful pool.


For us, we love creating a Driftwood family with everyone here, for that reason there is no Wi-Fi. There is a laptop you can borrow from the staff to check your emails or touch base with home, otherwise put the phone down, head to the pool bar or the pool table, and make some new friends from around the globe. After all, the best way to plan your travels is listening to the stories of other travellers.


Some nights we round everyone up for a game of volleyball finishing just in time to watch the sunset. At 7pm every night we have a delicious family style dinner.  Dinner is often followed by some fun and games, such as pub quizzes, Power Hour, pool tournaments, karaoke as well as other drunken antics.

Getting Here

There are regular shuttles from Antigua that you can book at any major hostel or travel agency in Antigua. They leave at 9:30am and 2pm daily.

Life in this little piece of paradise is so amazing you will never want to leave, but if you have to, ensure you book your shuttle well in advance as there is only two a day for all of the hostels in town. The shuttle leaves at 9:30am & 2pm from The Driftwood Surfer and costs Q90. This can be booked with reception and added to your tab.

There are no ATMs or banks anywhere near El Paredon, please bring cash with you!  If you’re driving here, the last place to get cash is Escuintla.  Cheers 🙂