Horseback Rides on the Beach at Driftwood
Volleyball at Driftwood
Chill at Driftwood



We have plenty of things for you to do at Driftwood to keep you busy during your time here

Release Baby Sea Turtles

When in season we can take you to see and release baby sea turtles in a sanctuary close by and dolphins can be spotted all year round.

El Paredon

Take a short stroll into town and enjoy the friendliness of the local culture or visit La Choza Chula, a community project designed to help El Paredon’s community. Sunrise or sunset walks along 14kms of virgin black sand beach are also highly recommended.

Sunset horse riding

The perfect way to end a day of surfing and relaxing by the pool is to go for an hour-long horseback ride along the beach. The horses are two very well looked after horses which have grown up on the beach of El Paredon. The ride includes a guide, but if you wish to go alone he will go over everything you need to know and then send you on your way to enjoy your ride. You start at The Driftwood Surfer and head east for half an hour along an empty beach.  After that, you will turn around and begin your ride back, giving you the perfect view as you ride into the sunset. Horseback riding tours are Q150/person.

Surf Lessons

Our surf instructor Polo was born and raised in town and has been surfing since he was 4 years old, now at 23 he knows the breaks and conditions better than anyone.  He speaks very good English and gives concise instructions.

Polo is patient, talented, and makes his lessons incredibly fun. He will teach you all the basics and have you standing and riding the waves with confidence in no time.
If you are an intermediate level surfer he will fine-tune your skills until you are riding the waves like a pro, whilst teaching you to the best way to read the surf and beach conditions.
Lessons are Q120/hour.

Rent our Boards

We have a variety of surfboards ranging from 5’8 to 9’ in varied thicknesses, and some soft-top longboards which are all available to rent for Q100. We also have boogie boards available for Q50. All board rentals are for 24 hours, you may come and go as many times as you wish. We have special rates for longterm rentals and package deals with surf classes. All rentals also include a rash shirt if you’d like one.

We have a book exchange and magazines for those who enjoy quality hammock time as well as a pool table, swimming pool, volleyball court and yoga mats.