Release Baby Sea Turtles

    You can come with us at 5:00 a.m. from September to November to see baby turtle get in to the ocean every morning, Free!!!! 
    The Driftwood surfer with the help of out guests decide to help the turtles to multiply at El Paredon. Unfortunately Guatemala
    • is not Illegal to sell the eggs as food or as aphrodiasiac. The Conap (Consejo

    Nacional de Areas Protegidas, Organization to take 
    care of the natural protected areas) to sell the eggs as food or as Aphrodiasiac. The CONAP (Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas)
    Ask the poeple to provide the 20% of what they picked up. To help for this to happen The Driftwood Surfer in help with guest 
    Donations. We buy the eggs from the people in town only if they provide the 20% to CONAP we would buy the other 80% and
    make the chance of the turtles go up because 1 of a 1000 has the chance to get an adult age. 

Sunset Horse Riding

    You start at The Driftwood Surfer and head east for half an hour along an empty beach. After that, you will turn around and begin your ride back, giving you the perfect view as you ride into the sunset. Horseback riding tours are Q150/person.

Kayaking & Paddleboard Rentals

    Come kayak and paddleboard along the Mangrove that is par to the National park. You can find more than 90 Species of birds
    as migratories or residents. You can fin different kind of mangroves this trip usually last 2 or more hours.